now € 50,- discount. so € 250,- per day!*

studio 13x5,2x4 mtr LxWxH

including; various tripods, backdrops with automatic winder, white/grey/black available, various reflectors.


makeup room 

large table with make-up mirror, 2 adjustable stools, clothes rack.



stylish lounge to have a chat, or wait in a relaxed way for your shoot



fully equipped and cosy kitchen, with large dining table, seats 8. Always fresh coffee, or help yourself to a bio apple-juice from the fridge:-)


PRICING (exclusief 21% btw, 21% BTW/VAT excluded) room+lounge area+kitchen 

half a day € 125,-*

per day (9 am/6pm) € 250,-* (to rent separately)

3000 w/s & 1500 w/s generators & 4 lamps, 4 monolights 200 w/s, octo soft box, reflectors, umbrellas and grids.

half a day €100,-

per day €200,-


In case of overtime in the evening, 'half a day' price will be charged.


Rates can be reduced if you are a charity organization or arts related company/individual (non commercial) and you need a venue to arrange a meeting, presentation or show. Contact us for more information: contact


*discount only applies if payment is made before the start of the rental period, or within a week after the invoice date. If these conditions cannot be met, the rental price is € 300 per day (€ 150 per half day)